Net-Zero Live 2020, is the biggest virtual event of its kind connecting thousands of energy, sustainability and resource efficiency professionals around a common purpose: to accelerate climate action and drive a green recovery.

To get the most out of your event experience we have put together a comprehensive user guide, including a video and FAQ section below.  Please take your time to watch/read through before the event takes place.

How will Net-Zero Live 2020 work?

We understand that virtual events are still new to most of, so we have put together a video and descriptions to help you get the most from the 3 days. The event will be held on Hopin and in short, this is what you can expect:

  • One seamless platform with an event stage, live chat, breakout sessions which include masterclasses and roundtables, networking and exhibition booths
  • Stage is where the action happens first and you can hear top content from industry leaders
  • Sessions gives you a chance to break up into different rooms for discussion time as part of a more intimate group
  • Exhibition booths (Expo) to meet and learn about the latest products and services
  • Networking where you can chat to fellow attendees for up to 3 minutes, you have the opportunity to share contact details to build your relationship offline.


Thank you for registering for Net-Zero Live. We will be using an event platform called Hopin. This guide will help you create your account and profile on Hopin, join the event on the day, and navigate the site once you’re in. We’ve also included some useful FAQs.


Step 1

Please ensure that you watch the brief tutorial on how to navigate Hopin. If you prefer to read the instructions, they are provided in written format below along with FAQs.


Step 2

On the day of the event, log in to your Hopin account:

(Please ensure your firewalls do not block you from connecting (check Hopin settings with your IT department)).

Step 3:

You will be taken to your upcoming events, where you need to click on the event to enter the conference.

You now need to click ‘enter event’ on the right-hand side If you turn up here early, you can only enter the event 5 minutes before it is due to start.


Step 4:

Now you have reached the reception page. It’s essentially your event homepage and where you can see everything that is taking place throughout the day.

The reception page tells you what is happening now, an event description, lists the event sponsors and the schedule for the day.

We encourage you to be online in good time before the event, so you are connected and ready before the event begins.


On the right side of your screen you will  see chat, polls and people:


Please introduce yourself in the event chat, share your thoughts, comments and questions with everyone at the event. You can ask questions to the main stage speakers by starting your question with ‘Q’. Make sure to follow

the event chat for any important announcements and updates. Organisers can create polls and you can vote for them at any time.

The people tab shows everyone who is registered for the event. If you want to send a private message to someone you can click on their name and send your message.


For 1:2:1 conversations, send them a message to propose a time to meet and, once confirmed, click the ‘Invite to video call’ then click the link at the arranged time.


If you have received a message, the envelope icon will notify you at the top right of your screen.

Also in the top right, by clicking the circle you can ‘edit profile’, please ensure you have included your job title and company in the headline section, also add a headshot if you have one available.


Like a physical event, you can choose where you want to go and what you'd like to attend. On the left-hand side there are 5 different areas: Reception, stage, sessions, networking and event booths (some of these tabs may be missing depending on the type of event you are registered for).





Upon entering Hopin and joining the event, you will land in the Reception area. You can think of the reception area as the homepage, it’s the information hub. Here you will find a complete overview of the schedule and you can follow what is currently happening and what’s to come.



The stage is where all the main talks will be taking place – if you check the schedule on the reception page it will tell you what time the stage is ‘live’.



Sessions are where any breakout sessions are located, if any. When you click into a session there is the option to ‘share audio and video’ which will turn your camera and audio on and you can participate in the session, alternatively you can watch what is happening on screen. Each session will have its own chat, so you can interact with other participants and ask questions to the speaker.



In networking, you can participate in 1:2:1 meetings – almost like speed dating. You will have up to 3 minutes to network with an attendee before being connected with another attendee at random. Just click ‘Ready’ to start networking. At the end of the 3 minutes a box will appear where you can ‘connect’ with them and if the feeling is mutual, share contact details. You can find the contacts you’ve made on your Hopin profile, under the ‘Connections’ tab. You can also select 'Unmatch' to lose the connection.

event booths

Event booths (Expo):

In event booths you can interact and meet our exhibitors in the same way you would at a face-to-face event. You can click inside a booth to find out more information about the exhibitor and share your interest to receive emails from them. You can also speak to the exhibitor face to face by clicking ‘share audio and video’, or you may see a pre-recorded video from that you can watch at any time.

Don’t forget to navigate to the ‘booth chat’ where you can ask a question to the booth organiser. Please do interact with our exhibitors as they have some interesting products and information to share with you.


Q: What technology do I need?

A: For the best Hopin experience we recommend:


  • Using Google Chrome or Firefox (Please avoid Brave, Safari, and Microsoft IE or Edge).
  • Make sure your browser is up to date, you can download Google Chrome here:
  • Check your internet speed and network. Hopin recommend a minimum of 5mbps download and 2mbps upload. Ideally, we like to see 30mbps download and 10mbps upload or higher for the best quality - test your speed here.
  • We recommend attending the event using a laptop or PC, as we cannot guarantee it will work flawlessly on


Q: Do I have to download something to run Hopin?

A: No. Hopin runs in your browser (just ensure you are using Google Chrome or Firefox).


Q: Can I listen to the event via phone?

A: No. Audio can only be heard through Hopin directly.


Q: How do I know when an area is live and what is happening next?

A: When an area (e.g. Stage) is “live” according to the event schedule, the red “LIVE” tag will be shown, indicating to attendees where the action is at the time. The “What’s happening now” button in the Reception area allows you to one-click navigate to where the action is. Keep track of any announcements and pinned messages from the organisers in the event chat.


Q: What is Hopin Networking? What happens when I click the Ready button?

A: When an attendee clicks the Ready button they are immediately matched with a random fellow attendee via face-to-face video, similar to chat roulette. Meetings end automatically after three minutes. Attendees can leave at any time. Conversation partners may decide to share contact information by clicking the Connect button. If both parties click Connect, the pair can find each

other’s contact information (email address and social media) via the Connect section of their Hopin account.


Q: What does it mean to Connect with another attendee?

A: Networking conversation partners may decide to share contact information by clicking the Connect button. If both parties click Connect, the pair can find each other’s contact information (email address and social media) via the Connect section of their Hopin account.


Q: What’s the difference between the Event, Stage, and Session chat?

A: The event chat is for conference-wide discussions. It’s accessible on every page of the platform.

We recommend keeping all discussion to the ‘event chat’, unless you are in ‘sessions’ where we would recommend using the ‘session chat’.


Q: What happens when I send an attendee a direct message?

A: Attendees can message each other through direct messages. To send a DM, find the person you wish to chat with in the People tab, click their profile photo and send the message. If you have received a message the envelope icon will notify you at the top right of your screen.

Q: What happens when I invite another attendee to a video call?

A: The attendee will receive a direct message letting them know that you’ve invited them to a video call. You will both receive a link to a private session room within Hopin. The room will allow up to five people to share their webcam, therefore you may share the link with up to three other people. As per the advice above, please arrange a time for video calls before inviting people.


Q: I just cannot access the event, what do I do?

Please follow the below steps:


  1. Ensure you are signed up/signed in to Hopin here: and have created your profile.
  2. You can only access Hopin by using Google Chrome or Firefox
  3. Please ensure you do not have multiple browser tabs open
  4. Close all other applications i.e. Outlook, Microsoft Teams
  5. Please ensure your firewalls do not block you from connecting (check Hopin settings with your IT department)
  6. Please try connecting on a personal laptop/device or your mobile
  7. If still issues after the above, close everything down, re-boot your computer and try again
  8. Contact the event organiser for The support email is:

Q: I have tried everything but I could not access the event;

Faversham House is not responsible for internet outages or technical difficulties. If you experience any issues during the event, don't hesitate to reach out to the event organiser via email or private messaging via the people tab in Hopin.


Are you still experiencing issues?
If so, please contact us: