Sam Baker

Sam Baker

Company: Chapter Zero

Job title: Strategic Adviser


Strategy consultant at Deloitte since 1998, focussed on corporate purpose and strategy, the SDGs and climate change, ESG and Impact definition and reporting. Currently leading the Goal13 Impact Platform initiative with the CBI, Chapter Zero, A4S, the Met Office, and Dell to build a public repository of corporate actions on climate change; and working with WEF/ the International Business Council on establishing common (ESG) metrics for long term value creation.  

Part-time strategic advisor to Chapter Zero. 

Previous involvement in many cross organisation initiatives to promote the SDGs and Climate Transition including GSMA’s Data for Good, GESI’s Digital with Purpose, BiTC’s Global Goals working group, the Impact Investing Alliance. Frequent judge/ panellist in this domain including CBI Achieving Net Zero Conference, the Good Festival, GSMA’s Global Mobile Awards (SDG Category), the BiTC Unilever Global Development Award, ICAEW’s Finance for the Future awards. 




Masterclass 11:15 am - 12:00 pm

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day: Day 2 – Net-Zero Carbon